Open Austin Monthly Events:

If you have an interest in improving our city through the use of data, technology, and design there is space for you. We encourage folks of all backgrounds and skill level to join us at our events to contribute their ideas and expertise.

  • Community Action Night - Coming to a Community Action Night is the easiest way to get started with Open Austin. First we do introductions and announcements. Then we invite people to pitch projects and discussion ideas. From there, folks break out into groups and get to work. Newbies will get onboarded with Civic Hacking 101 and food and drinks are provided.
  • Open Gov & Civic Tech Meetup - A monthly meetup for anyone interested in learning more about the growing Open Government and Civic Technology movement in Austin. From lightning talks to workshops, expect a wide variety of topics that intersect data, design, technology, and government.

Open Austin Annual Events:

  • ATX Hack For Change - The flagship Civic Tech & Social Good hackathon in Austin. Hosted by St. Edward's University in partnership with the City of Austin & Open Austin, this weekend-long summer event anchors the year and is a immersive experience for folks interested in using design, technology, and open data for good.


You can find more information about upcoming individual events and register now on



The Open Austin calendar of events includes the events we sponsor or participate in.

We manage our calendar with Google Calendar. If you are a Google Calendar user, you can display our calendar by going to your calendar and selecting:

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If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at: [email protected]