About Open Austin


What is Open Austin?

We believe that 21st-century government should work for the people, by the people.

Open Austin is a volunteer civic technology community consisting of developers, designers, data nerds, policy wonks, resident activists, and countless others.  We use technology creatively to address local civic and social challenges, and improve all our neighbors’ quality of life.

We are affiliated with Code for America’s Brigade Network.


What is Civic Technology?

The definition of civic tech can be quite unclear sometimes – here is a great starting point: #CivicTech Primer: What is “civic tech”?

The gist: Civic tech is using technology in a creative way to help better the lives of individuals in our communities, whether through person-to-person or person-to-government interactions.


How We Work

We host Community Action Nights (CANs) on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month to work on technology and design projects that positively impact public policy and our communities.  We amplify the initiatives of other Austin-based civic organizations, and we collaborate with other chapters of the Code for America Brigade Network and the broader civic tech community via our GitHub organization.


Open Austin Leadership

Here are our bylaws and board meeting minutes.  Do you have more questions that this site does not answer?  Email info@open-austin.org.

Our board consists of:

Our advisory council consists of:

  • Mateo Clarke